How The Roman Jewelry Design Left Its Mark On The World Today

When we think about Italy, we usually think about the Roman empire and how they have left a mark in this world even today. In many ways, romans were the sole creators of many specific items and traditions that we still use today, and one of those things is the jewelry design we all learned to love.

Roman Men

Roman Jewelry DesignThe Romans at the time loved two things when it came to jewelry.

They loved gold and precious stones.

Most of the jewelry that was made at the time was either made fully from gold or had a golden surrounding with a rare stone in the middle. The Roman men were also the first to use jewelry as a form of official signature.

The official letters and documents were not signed at the time but were instead sealed with candle wax and “signed” with the rings of their owners which usually had the insignia of that particular house.

Many politicians and wealthy Romans had such rings at the time.

Today we also have lots of unique rings that are a form of signature and recognition. For instance, the Super bowl in the NFL has rings that are given to the winners of a particular year. The NBA also has their championship rings.

Roman Women

The Roman women had a different liking when it came to jewelry. They also wore rings but gave more attention to other trinkets such as earrings, bracelets, amulets, necklaces, pendants and others. The style that was copied from the Egyptians was also made perfect by the Romans.

The Egyptians used their jewelry designs to create unique pieces that resembled animals and insects such as snakes and the beetle bug.

Roman Jewelry Design

Roman women, on the other hand, made their jewelry designs focus more on the glorification of the women body. That is why even today we have pieces of jewelry that will make any body type sexier if worn with the same style that the Roman women used at their time.

Roman jewelry today

The biggest mark that the Roman jewelry design left in the world is that the bracelets should and could be worn by anyone. The standardization of wearing a bracelet weather you are male or female was unique and a nice addition to the male population as they did not have much jewelry pieces that would look good on them.

Today we have many male bracelets that complement the male figure and empower them, while at the same time we have female jewelry bracelets that make them more feminine and sexy.

If we had to pick one thing that we were grateful to the Roman empire, we would thank them for their sense of fashion and how it has influenced the future generations.