Dior Takes Inspiration In Its New Collection From The French City Of Versailles During The 18th Century

Today lots of famous jewelry brands try to create something unique but more often than you might think, they take inspiration from older designs and cultures. Many jewelry items from the past have a perfect combination of class and design that creates this particular uniqueness that can be respected even today in the extravagant lifestyle.

The more we look at the styles of today we can see that they draw inspiration from the old masters that understood how to create items that would work best in the lighting that was provided at the time, which was the candle light.

For some specific reason, diamonds look best at a dim light, and the way they shine when surrounded by candlelight makes them the eye candy we all wish we could wear around our necks and hands.

With such ideas in mind Dior made its new collection and took inspiration from the style from the Versailles during the 18th century and made it unique and alive for this year’s collection. If you have a hard time imagining how those jewelry items might look, imagine a chandelier made from diamonds and then imagine that your necklace could look so shiny and rich with diamonds.

Using other materials


Additionally, the jewelry items from that time used lots of rare, colorful gems and stones, so you will see in this new collection lots of necklaces that have sapphires, amethysts, garnets and other stones.

What makes these jewelry items beautiful and unique is how they mix metals such as pink gold, gold, platinum and white gold into the old designs and diamond cuts from that time.

The pieces will surely leave its mark in the jewelry design of today because design styles like this look far more beautiful and powerful as compared to the modern designs.