5 Jewelry Trends Worn By Celebrities

Jewelry TrendsThere are thousands of trends to follow when it comes to jewelry. In 2016-2017 there was a surge of minimalistic as well as glamorous styles. Today we will focus our story on the glamorous and what inspired specific designs to become the primary trend of the year.

Celebrities are no small fish when it comes to jewelry inspirations and also jewelry wearers. If you notice a celebrity wearing something, you can be sure it will become the new trend, or it will inspire somebody to create the new design for that year.

We will try and give you the taste of the celebrity life when it comes to the jewelry they wear, and if you find something to your liking, you can get these jewelry items in various forms.

1. Chunky chains

Many celebrity singers have decided to go all out when it comes to the neck decorations and picked the style of the chunky chain. This trend picked up in the early part of 216 and has since been worn by many female rap singers and celebrities that don’t like to wear diamonds

2. Arm cuffs

Arm cuffs have made a huge comeback and have been worn by many celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Rihanna. The arm cuffs can come in a simplistic way made from various metals, but one that is made from gold makes a perfect statement of fashion and class.

Additionally, many of the cuff designs that are trending now are designs of snakes and dragons making them a beautiful and intimidating addition on any arm.

3. Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs Jewelry Trend

Arms are not the only thing that can wear cuffs on them and make it look sexy. Ear cuffs have become trendy in the middle of 2016, and they look amazing on any girl’s ear. The cuffs can be done from solid metals only or adorned with lots of rare polished stones. In either way, this little fashion addition will make anyone turn their head with awe.

4. Ring- bracelet chains

The bracelets of today have evolved to be anything but boring. During the summer of 2016, the rings and bracelets have become merged to form a new style and trend that many choose to wear during the hot summer days. These little jewelry accessories can be made of pure gold, platinum or silver, and only the ring should be adorned with a rare stone if you want to have one on you.

5. Midi rings

When looking for unique ring styles, it’s hard to find something that does not belong to the engagement ring style. Rings have before been used as a sign of power and signature. It’s mostly used today to signify that somebody is engaged.

However, there are many styles that have been revived and improved that the people who are not engaged can wear on a day to day basis. One of those styles is the midi rings, and they make any hand look glorious. Simple designs from gold silver or platinum are the best and most comfortable.